Flagship 4: Dissemination via the OneIRRI Network and IRRI Education

All products, processes, and policy briefs must reach the respective stakeholders, i.e., farmers, customers, governments, countries, regions, the private sector, and others. Local and regional partnerships are critical for deployment, stewardship, and replacement of the products. Hence, partners cannot be just project-specific but must become part of a growing and interactive club that we call the OneIRRI Network. Products in the form of varieties, machines, models, databases, maps, apps, and reports are the currency for our credibility. For such product development, deployment and success, the training, education, and knowledge transfer processes must be in place. Our partnerships and digital platforms for such actions are all set and function as business units. 

Dissemination of education, training, knowledge, and expertise is facilitated through the IRRI Education Unit. Digital and paper library of reports, manuals, peer-reviewed books, and papers are also available. The recent initiation of the Bio-Innovation Centre facilitates business incubators that use IRRI space, expertise, and technologies for their own product formulations on a paid basis.