Flagship 1: Direct-seeded rice (DSR)

IRRI has established a transdisciplinary network— the Direct-Seeded Rice Consortium, which is a public–private multi-stakeholder research-fordevelopment platform. It is designed to address complex research issues of DSR and to catalyze scaling through public-private partnerships to create impact at scale. Through this consortium, IRRI has established a robust DSR results for development network especially in India, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Over the last 3 years, specific breeding of varieties suitable for DSR was undertaken. Simultaneously, great progress has been made in the following areas: 

Direct seeding is a crop-establishment system wherein rice seeds are sown directly into the field as opposed to the traditional method of growing seedlings in a nursery and then transplanting them into flooded fields. In the next 25 years, rice production needs to increase by 25% to meet global demand. Meeting this challenge requires producing more rice efficiently with less labor, water, energy, and agro-chemicals in a sustainable way. DSR offers both adaptation (to water shortages and weak and variable monsoons) and mitigation (reducing GHG emissions) options to climate change. There is also substantial evidence that specific management practices under DSR can improve crop productivity and quality.